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​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

2021/2022 Coldwater Staff

JK/SKMrs. W. Sweeney
​Mrs. J. Cronin (DECE)
JK/SKMs. K. Steven
Mrs. J. Watson (DECE)
JK/SKMr. J. Handy
Ms. S. Harrison (DECE)
​Grade 1
​Mrs. S. Boyd
​Grade 1/2
​Ms. N. Mulholland
​Grade 2
Mrs. J. Gray
​Grade 2/3
​Ms. M. Kux
​Grade 3/4
​Ms. M. Holmes
​Grade 4​Mrs. M. St. Amant
​Grade 4/5
Ms. C. Axiak
​Grade 5
​Mrs. S. Raeburn
​Grade 5/6​Mr. S. Launchbury
​Grade 6
​Ms. R. Leeman
​Grade 7
​Mr. C. Tillmanns
​Grade 7/8
​Mr. R. Nick
​Grade 8
​Ms. E. Franz
​Learning Center
​Mrs. J. Oliver
​Gifted​Mrs. D. Greenwood
​SERTMrs. P. Allen

​Ms. N. Newburn
Ms. T. Jones

​Librarian​Mr. J. Lightfoot-Ferrier
​Planning Time
Ms. T. Jones
Ms. S . Baker
Ms. L. Campaigne (Music)
Educational Assisstant
Mrs. J. Alain
Mrs. M. Turner
Mrs. V. Sterling
Ms. M. Maheu
​Custodian​Mrs. N. Bales
Mr. L. Ferris
Senior Administrative SupportMs. S. MacMillan
​Vice Principal
​Mrs. F. Henderson
​Mrs. L. Wallace